Drama Curriculum Overview

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year:

Year 7

In Years 7 – 9, Drama is taught as a discrete subject through 2 lessons per fortnight. Students are encouraged to build their personal confidence and speaking and listening skills in group creative tasks, discussion and performance. They are introduced to a range of drama performance skills, including vocal and physical expression and subject specific terms and techniques needed for GCSE and beyond.

Typical Unit topics: The Oregon Trail – the story of the pioneers of the American Mid-West of 1842, Northwood Hall – A Haunting Tale, Greek Myths - Jason and the Argonauts, Scripted Plays from across the globe, The Lighthouse Keepers of Flannan Isle and Mask Project.

Year 8

Typical Unit topics: Bullying, Evacuees of WW2, Scripted Plays, The Lottery, Development of Characters, The Island – Castaway Civilisation.

Year 9

Typical Unit topics: The Craig and Bentley Story, Homelessness, Discrimination, Scripted Plays, Dream Job, Comedy Techniques.

Year 10

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Drama syllabus at Key Stage 4 which is divided into 60% practical and 40% coursework under controlled conditions. 

Year 10 focuses on a programme of study that ensures students are secure in the terminology and skills content for the qualification. The year is structured as a mock version of the assessment units taken in Year 11.

Year 11

The course involves 3 Units:


Unit 1 (30%): Exploration of Drama I

6 hour practical workshop

2000 word written Documentary Response

Unit 2 (30%): Exploration of Drama II

6 hour practical workshop

1000 word written Documentary Response

2000 word written Response to Live Theatre


Unit 3 (40%): Performance

One performance to a visiting examiner

devised or scripted work

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