Geography Curriculum Overview

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year:

Year 7

Year 7: Focuses on atlas skills and knowledge about the world which is built on in subsequent years. Topics studied in this year include:

  • Indiana Jones – World Explorer
  • Harry Potter and the magic of Great Britain
  • Tectonic processes – Volcanoes
Year 8

Year 8: At this stage students have a good general knowledge on which to build. This allows for more of a focus on developing key skills such as discussion. Topics in year 8 include:

  • Climate change
  • Extreme environments – Poles and Deserts
  • The coastal zone
Year 9

Year 9: Students in this year study topics at GCSE standard, focusing on developing detailed description, explanation and evaluation skills. Year 9 topics include:

  • The Rainforest ecosystem
  • Tectonic processes – Earthquakes
  • Changing urban environments and sustainable cities
Year 10

A wide variety of topics are studied, including climate change, poverty, natural features and processes and sustainable resource use. There is also a fieldwork element included in the course and a strong focus on developing geographical skills.

This qualification is linear, which means that students will sit all of their exams at the end of the two year course. The course is assessed in three exams;

  • Paper 1: Living with the physical environment (35%)
  • Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment (35%)
  • Paper 3: Geographical applications (30%)

The Geography GCSE course provides students with the skills and experience to progress onto A-level and beyond, and access a wide variety of future careers.




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