Maths - Introduction

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Students are taught within the areas of number, algebra, shape and space and statistics. In all Years we have refocussed the curriculum to include more problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. All students study Mathematics for at least 7 hours per fortnight; some have additional support lessons. Students are put into sets in each Year according to their ability.

We believe that mathematics should be both enjoyable and relevant. To this end, students are encouraged to solve puzzles and explore their enthusiasms. Wherever possible, real-life examples of the applications of the mathematics being studied are used.

Homework is set weekly. It links with the work being studied in class and aims to reinforce this and encourages students to develop independent styles of working.

In Years 7 and 8 there is a strong emphasis on the development of students’ numeric skills in order to ensure that they are fluent in these. The students follow a scheme at one of four levels which are determined by their prior and current attainment. Switching between these levels is possible throughout the course. They are formally assessed every half term to check their progress.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students study towards Linear Edexcel GCSE at either Higher or Foundation levels. Students can switch between levels of entry as late as March of Year 11 but the sooner the final decision is made the better in order for the most focused preparation. They are assessed at the end of each unit and through more comprehensive tests each term. Students receive detailed feedback from these and are expected to take an active rôle in addressing any areas of weakness.

Teachers   Email
Mr M Everett      Maths Curriculum Lead/Teacher
Mr N Murray Maths Teacher
Mr P Taylor Assistant Headteacher/Teacher
Mr C Greenslade Maths Teacher
Mr D O'Gorman Maths Teacher DO'
Mr C Taylor Maths Teacher

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