Assessment Policy

The Ramsey Academy, Halstead recognises that feedback to students of their progress and attainment is an essential element of the teaching and learning process.

Effective assessment and feedback, in whatever form, will raise standards through:

  • Ensuring students engage with the feedback
  • Being directly related to the learning objectives given to students at the beginning of lesson
  • Being directly related to schemes of learning
  • Being clear and constructive in its guidance to individual students; being consistently applied and followed up
  • Being balanced in pointing to strengths as well as weaknesses
  • Being a way of comparing present with past work, and so celebrate progress made
  • Being a way of building a student’s confidence
  • Being a part of the assessment process and so informing teachers' short-term planning
  • Being part of whole school monitoring and target-setting
  • Enabling students to develop skills of self-assessment.

Assessment & feedback may include:

  • Written (formative) comments
  • Verbal Feedback (students to make notes on what this is)
  • Grades/Numerical scores when appropriate
  • Discussing work in progress with students
  • Talking the whole class through common achievements, errors and ways to improve
  • Peer assessment
  • Self assessment

The focus of feedback is to help students gain a clear understanding of how well they have gained knowledge, concepts and skills and then explain what needs to be done to make further progress.

At The Ramsey Academy we recognise that different subjects require different types of assessment and feedback. Therefore each subject has their own specific guidance written by subject leaders.  Details of this guidance can be found in the Assessment and Feedback policy.

To download a full copy of the policy click the link below.