Construction Overview

Course Title:  Level 1/2 Constructing the Built Environment

Awarding Body: Eduqas

Why study Construction?

The course offers a learning experience which focuses on gaining and applying knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks. The course will help you understand the relationship between the construction process, the planning of construction projects and construction site safety. You will learn how your knowledge, understanding and skills impacts on individuals, employers, society and the environment.

Course Outline

The course provides learners with an introduction to the construction industry that will help you progress to further study or enter the workplace .​

This qualification provides a general insight into the construction industry alongside developing your abilities in a range of practical skills, through applied learning that will be useful in the workplace and for future learning. In addition to these practical skills you will gain other construction related skills including budgeting and project planning.

You will also be able to gain essential employability skills that are valued by employers, further and higher education, including: literacy and numeracy​, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving​, planning and organisation ​and personal effectiveness.

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Assessment Format

The exam and non-exam assessment will measure how students have achieved the following knowledge and skills:

  • Unit 1 - Safety and Security in Construction​: In this examined unit you will study the nature and importance of safety and security in the construction industry. Fire extinguishers, safety signs, regulations and the law, hazards, risks and control measures all feature as content. You will need to apply your knowledge of safety and security to realistic construction situations. (25% of the overall grade)
  • Unit 2 - Practical Construction Skills: In this non-examined assessment unit (NEA) you will develop three separate construction skills. As a part of your assessment, you will complete construction tasks which will demonstrate your abilities in these skills. (50% of the overall grade)
  • Unit 3 - Planning Construction Projects: In this examined unit you will study the various stages of the project planning process, the types of jobs which exist within the industry and how construction work is costed. (25% of the overall grade)

What skills will I need to be successful in this subject?

To be successful in Level1/2 Constructing the Built Environment at Ramsey you will need to be committed to developing your knowledge and understanding of a range of health and safety, hazards and control measures in construction site​, order of tasks completed and roles involved in construction projects. You will be expected to: carry out investigations and research with independence; complete practical and theory tasks including those, which need you to demonstrate a mathematical knowledge and understanding, in relation to planning and budgeting construction projects.

It is important that you have a passion for the subject and a desire to know more about the industry. Good problem solving skills will enable you to apply gained knowledge to different situations.

Possible Careers and Future Education

The construction industry employs over 3 million people in the UK alone and offers a diverse range of employment opportunities. ​Careers are available in all phases of the construction process including initial ideas and designs, building and the ongoing planning and maintenance of structures. ​The course provides individuals with a potential starting point in this highly dynamic industry. The course provides a suitable foundation for further study or an apprenticeship. Studying Constructing the Built Environment could lead into any of the following: Skilled tradesperson, Structural Engineering, Construction Manager, Architect, and Site Supervisor/ Manager.