RE and PSHE Introduction

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Religious Education enables students to think about religious and moral issues relevant in today’s society.

In Religious Education the students learn about other people’s beliefs, the nature of the society we live in and the big issues in life which generate debate.

They gain an understanding of what causes prejudice, hatred and violence in our world and have the opportunity to explore religious and moral beliefs in a safe and questioning environment.

Students at GCSE learn about Christianity and Islam in depth, alongside 4 philosophical and ethical themes from a range of perspectives. 


Examples of our topics include:

  • different ways in which Christians make moral decisions
  • different attitudes to human rights, genetic engineering, environmental problems, transplant surgery, infertility treatments, war, bullying, religious conflicts in families and crime and punishment
  • the work of the UN for world peace
  • problems of drugs and alcohol
  • religious attitudes to drugs and alcohol.
  • faith in practice
  • why some people believe in God and some people don’t
  • why some people believe in life after death and some people don’t
  • different attitudes towards issues such as abortion, euthanasia, sex, marriage,
  • divorce, homosexuality, contraception and family life
  • religion and community cohesion in terms of women’s rights, ethnic rights and the problems and benefits of living in a multi-faith society.

If you wish to discuss RE/ Philosophy & ethics at Ks3 or KS4 please email. 

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