Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

All students learn a foreign language from year 7 to 9, French and German.  Our students enjoy learning a foreign language as we make our lessons enjoyable, inspiring and interactive. It is important to us that our students accept and understand different nationalities including their traditions and customs of the target language speaking country. In Year 7 and 8 we use Expo for French and Echo for German. In Year 9 we use GCSE Kerboodle AQA Foundation and Higher Tier according to the students’ ability. ICT software is available to our students which helps consolidating grammar structures, vocabulary, cultural points, traditions and it develops independent learning as they can revise and reinforce the key language from the lessons at their own pace.

We use linguascope, languagesonline and Kerboodle as tools to support our teaching and students’ learning. Each student has their own login details for linguascope and Kerboodle. Students also have access to the digital textbook from home, which enhances students’ independent studies contributing to developing resilience and supporting Growth Mindset.  Our priority is to ensure that progress according to every child’s ability is guaranteed, ensured and made. At GCSE Level students are encouraged to use GCSEpod in their studies for either homework  or revision purposes.

As a department we make sure that our students are familiar with the assessment and success criteria in each skill. We conduct regular assessments in listening, reading, writing and speaking. As teachers we communicate clearly to our students what is expected of them in order to ensure progress in their learning and formative assessment and targeted feedback play a vital role in our students’ learning. Students are expected to engage in teachers’ written feedback in a productive way as the improvement should be visible.

Year 10 students get the opportunity to take part in an educational school trip abroad to experience the foreign language they are studying in the target language country.

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Mrs C Starke Curriculum Leader for MFL
Mrs R Sims  Teacher of French and German/RSL Aspiration
Miss R Linsdell Teacher of MFL
Miss G Shaddock Teacher of MFL
Miss P Lewandowsca MEITT Trainee Teacher of  MFL