Week 1

  • Remote Learning

    Remote Learning

Students will be learning through remote lessons set by their subject teachers. These lessons will continue to be set on Edulink in the same format as home learning.

Please read the following two documents which provide information on student expectations and safety guidelines for working online.

Year 10

Students will be receiving, remote, interactive lessons using Microsoft Teams. We will also be moving to a weekly email update for parents providing information on the work set and deadlines met.

Student timetables can be found below. The class teacher will be available, online in the Team, during the timetabled lesson to answer questions and support students.

Please use the links below to know how to access the lessons and how to use Teams.

Student Homepage

Teams is a part of a suite of tools provided by Microsoft for Education. It is accessible to students from the Student Homepage.

Quick Start Guides


  • For technical support please contact support
  • For support with lessons please contact your teacher through the chat log in Teams.

Years 7-9

Year 7, 8 and 9 will have their allocated classwork set via Show My Homework. Learning tasks may include the use of a variety of online resources including Microsoft Teams (please see the relevant links)

Please see the specific guidance below.