Transgender Full Guidance Policy

The Ramsey Academy is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all students and a ‘culture of vigilance’ to safeguard and protect all in its care, and to all aspects of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students.

Equal Opportunities Statement

The aims of the school and the principles of outstanding support and guidance will be applied to all children irrespective of differences in ethnic background, culture, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disabilities, so long as in the last matter the student is able to involve himself or herself in the activity concerned; equally these differences will be recognised and respected, and the school will aim to provide a positive culture of tolerance, equality and mutual respect.

Statement of Intent

The Ramsey Academy recognises that transgender young people and their families face particular challenges and hurdles and are likely to need extra support from the school to help them achieve their potential. The school is committed to supporting all the students in their care, and their families, where appropriate

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