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  • Curriculum


At The Ramsey Academy, students engage in a broad and balanced, high quality curriculum which includes core, foundation and creative subjects.

In Years 7 to 9 students have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills and knowledge through a wide range of academic and practical subjects. Students in Year 9 begin to study GCSE course content and skills, although the options process does not take place until midway through the year. This allows students to experience the expectations and demands of GCSE courses and helps to inform their final choices whilst maintaining a broad curriculum.

In Year 10, students are guided into appropriate option GCSEs from a wide selection which complement the core GCSE subjects of English, Maths and Science.

We are focussed on students being able to develop their skills and characteristics in order to achieve whilst at the Academy as well as being fully equipped to flourish in their chosen paths. We also believe it is crucial that students are active participants in their own learning and that they take shared responsibility for their own progress. Students are encouraged to develop a ‘growth mindset’ approach to their learning; embracing challenge, taking risks, whilst showing effort and resilience.

Our curriculum is supported by various activities in which personal learning and thinking skills are highlighted; aiming to develop students’ independent, creative, reflective and collaborative learning.

We actively encourage students to extend their learning beyond the classroom through a wide range of trips, visits and extra-curricular activities, both in this country and abroad. Students work towards completion of the Ramsey Achievement Award, which recognises academic progress, high levels of attendance and participation in a wide range of activities that develop life skills.