Week 1

  • Youth Health Champions

    Youth Health Champions

As Youth Health Champions, our job is to support local schools in boost their students positivity, ensure they become aware of certain issues and improve their mental and physical health. Our ‘job’ description is to be here for you, should you need us though. If you want more information on who is involved then don’t hesitate to look to the left! We haven’t just decided to take part in this for the fun of it, we have been trained to help you as much as we can, we do intend to make you smile along the way too!

We plan to set up campaigns to show awareness for a few mental health issues; we’re aiming to do one a term. Our first topic is going to be ‘Anxiety’ as we feel as though many people are suffering from this issue in our community. We’ll show awareness through this website, posters, power points during registration and you might see some of us in your assemblies! Throughout the following weeks you should start to see our changes and hopefully our positive impact. Due to exams looming, it would be nice to cover anxiousness in advance.

It is crucial that we have these campaigns ongoing as so many people are suffering in silence which is causing major repercussions to various aspects of lives not just mental health; eating habits, relationships, self-esteem and academic progress. We’re ALL, always here for you so please never hesitate in coming to us, we’ll support you and your confidence in whichever way we can. Please never think that an issue is too ‘small’, as these ‘small’ issues build up and you end up with the weight of the world on your shoulders!

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