Week 2

  • Helping parents keep their children safe online
    Helping parents keep their children safe online

The digital age has changed what it means to be a child. There are some things that children don’t want to see online and that you, as a parent, would rather they didn’t. Parental controls are the names for filters and blockers of certain content, and can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or do online.

Children’s discovery of the internet should be encouraged when they’re in a safe environment. It’s important to activate your parental controls in order to filter out content your children shouldn’t be seeing. Many parents put this off because they think it’ll be difficult. It’s easy and we can show you how. Please use the following link to Internetmatter.org Parental Controls interactive guides.

Internet Matters Parental Controls Home Page

Internet Matters Parental Controls Interactive Guide