Span the Gap

Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Span the Gap

Everyone loves playing with K’Nex, not least the Mathematics Faculty and so it seems do Year 9.

During Activities Week teams of students were challenged to use large kits of K’Nex to build a bridge to span up to two metres and
to carry as heavy a load as possible. The twist was that they could only support the bridge by touching the ground at each end.

Students in the team had to decide on who would take on the roles of Team Leader, Construction Leader and Finance Director.
They were given a budget within which they had to operate and each part of K’Nex they needed had to be purchased.

Marks were given for staying within budget, the span of the bridge, the mass it could support and the quality of leadership
and teamwork. No-one quite managed the two metres, but several could support over 4kg. 

Judging by the excellent outcomes, Ramsey should be producing a large number of engineers, entrepreneurs and financial stars in the future.

Mr M Everett

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